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Citra 2003 Merlot

February 18th, 2007

images.jpg“Citra”. Might as well call it shitra! I have never drank a bottle of Listerine, but I am almost certain the experience is similar. This Italian red is so bad I can’t imagine anyone who would spend the money to import it, but it caught this fool.

The appearance is dark ruby and the weight of the wine looks “heavy” with long legs hinting of a higher alcohol content. fooled again (13%). The nose is of pine needles but don’t worry because they are short-lived. The textures are smooth but there is no forward fruit to speak of and the finish is bitter and short.

I have never had the urge to throw out a bottle of wine but after drinking this wine I could think of nothing better. At 3.49, I guess you could say you get what you pay for. But we must always look for the silver lining in every cloud and in the case of this wine, you now have a good mouthwash replacement.

Senior Editor – J.W.
Citra 2003 Merlot

Location: McChord

ALC: 13.0

Price: 3.49 quick and dirty

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