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Collage Cabernet-Merlot 2003

March 11th, 2007

kendall jackson collageIn this insane world we live in you can still find good wine just about anywhere. No Exuses.

On a recent trip to Oklahoma I went on a quest to find some wine; anything other than Arbor Mist anyway. I found a little liqour store that had a not so shabby wine selection. I was shocked becuase I thought that my quest would end up “fruitless” ( pardon the pun).

This wine is a blend, Cabernet 70% – Merlot 30%, and I thought the percenteges are quite nice, capturing the highlights of both grapes. The color is dark ruby, and the nose was soft and short but I did pick up on a slight hint of blackberries. There is a little forward fruit and the textures are slightly rough but inviting. I noticed a slight crispyness to the taste and the oak was delicately drawn.

Considering the fact that I expected to come away with nothing I found this wine to be pretty good, although alittle pricy ($9.99). I am definately interested in blends now. I tried this wine with lasagna and chicken parmesan, and I thought the combination was excellent.

Find wine. No Excuses.

Senior Editor – J.W.

Collage Cabernet Savignon Merlot 2003

Price: $9.99

ALC: 13.5

Purchase Location: Lawton, OK

Producer URI: n/a quick and dirty

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    • 1. Chris  |  December 27th, 2009 at 12:35 am

      try not to use the back label of bottles to describe wines on your review unless used in quotations that is just cheap

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